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Happy Valentine’s Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  My kids have a couple of days off from school, so I will be enjoying a long weekend with my family and will be responding to emails and voicemails when I return.

In other random but worthy-of-sharing news:

Official in Glenview: I recently joined the Glenview Chamber of Commerce.  I am not sure what took me so long, as my studio is just 1/2 mile from the Glenview border and I already do so much business in Glenview (both studio business and my own personal shopping!).  I am really excited at the chance to offer my portraiture to more folks in Glenview.

The New Blog: Several photographers have asked me about my new blog.  It’s a ProPhoto Blog, and so far I love it.  I feel like I have just barely scratched the surface with its blogging features.  I am learning more everyday, so I am sure you will see this blog evolve over the next several months.  The folks at ProPhoto Blog have been gracious enough to offer me my own personal discount code to share with you.  So if you are looking for a ProPhoto Blog Discount Code, look no further.  This code will save you $10:  JESGWO829

Lisa Harrison - Jes, they are growing up so fast and they really are BEAUTIFUL children.

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