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79 Days Left

Trysh and I took our first spinning class at the health club today, in the hopes of mixing in a bit of cross training with our Avon Walk training. It was killer! Afterwards we did a couple of miles around the park’s trails with the boys in the strollers. Saturday will be our next big endurance walk and we decided we needed a destination. Being the dorky Twihards that we are, we plan to walk to a Target five miles away, buy the New Moon DVD (releasing on Saturday), and then walk back. (Go ahead, you can laugh at us if you want to!)

I also want to give a fundraising update. I am so stunned at the generosity and support I have received for this cause. Several of my friends have sent my Avon info out to their friends, so I am getting amazing generous donations from folks I have never met. It’s been such an incredible and moving experience, and I can’t believe that a mere month after signing up for the Avon Walk, I have hit the minimum fundraising requirement. If you look at my Avon site today, it may show that I am slightly under $1800, but I sent in a couple of checks this week so I know I will be over $1800 once those post.


Avon allows people to walk as a team, but not to fundraise as a team. I love the whole idea of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the great cause it supports, but this team fundraising limitation is the one point that I am struggling with. Each walker has a minimum required fundraising goal of $1800. Each walker may of course go over that amount, but if they go under that amount they have to pay the difference or they will not be allowed to participate in the walk.

I personally do not see the difference as long as Trysh and I combined raise $3600 for this great cause. However, the way the policy is set up is that (for example) if one of us raises $2000 and the other raises $1600, the person who raised $1600 will have to pay $200 at check-in in order to participate in the walk. No matter how you add it up it’s still $3600, right? So I don’t totally understand this concept but it is the Avon Walk rule.

As of this blog post, Trysh has not yet reached her $1800 goal. I would like to ask anyone who was thinking about supporting me to now place your donations thru Trysh’s webpage. Whether you donate the money thru my walker number or donate the money thru Trysh’s walker number, it’s all going to the same great cause. Trysh and I committed to this charity as a team, we are training as a team, and I ask that you help us to unofficially fundraise as a team by directing your contributions thru her site such that she can reach her $1800 required minimum. Click here for the link to Trysh’s fundraising page.

Julia - I love this image and am rooting for you two (and as a fellow Twihard I think the New Moon DVD is a fantastic motivator!!). Just made my donation on Trysh’s page today…keeping my fingers crossed!!

Jes - Oy, snow in the forecast for the weekend. If I have to do another endurance walk indoors, I think I may just go insane.

Beth Ross - What a great cause!!! Good luck Jes and Trysh!!!!!

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