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48 Days Left!

I am really excited to report that both Trysh and I have exceeded the fundraising minimum for the upcoming Avon Walk. Thank you so much to everyone for your extreme generosity to this cause!

We are still walking (and walking and walking and walking). Yesterday we did our longest walk yet, 11.3 miles. (Can I get a “woot!” ? ) We walked north from Morton Grove into Glenview. After a stop at Caribou Coffee we went into the bike trails and wove back south, all the way down to Oakton in Niles. Then we came back up north thru the bike trails again into Morton Grove.

We are also still spinning. While the walking is more of an endurance challenge, the spinning is definitely a cardiac challenge. I had a routine physical last week and was told by the doctor that I had “an athlete’s resting heart rate.” I almost fell over in shock because I have never been told that before, and have in fact been told quite the opposite in the past. So while I still feel like I look the same and weigh the same, clearly all of this exercise is doing me some good.

Today was the Prairie View 5K. Trysh and I decided to walk it with our 7-year-old daughters. Since we are now regularly walking at least 10 miles each time we train, walking 3.1 miles (5K) is really quite easy. However it was a challenge for the girls and they both felt such a sense of accomplishment when they got their medals at the finish line. My daughter saw that one of her 1st-grade classmates ran (not walked) the 5K this year, so now she wants to give that a go next year. I am going to have to look into that for her because I really doubt a 7-year-old can run a 5K thru city streets without adult supervision. I am prepared to walk 39.3 miles, but I have never been a runner. I don’t think I could run a block, actually. So we will see if my daughter holds onto this idea of running a 5K because maybe I will be forced to train to run with her next spring. And that would really be something.

Julia - WOOT!! 🙂

I love the photo of the four of you at the 5k…you and Thing 1 are crazy cute!!

Beth Ross - That picture is sooo cool!!! Congratulations to you both for all the money you have raised. Such a great cause. <3

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