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The weather is our main obstacle

Our training for the Avon Walk is going well. The only obstacle we have really run into is the weather. All week, the weather is nice. But once the weekend comes around and Trysh and I have help with the kids so we can truly take a several hour endurance walk, the weather is awful. In my last blog post about Avon training, I talked about how we planned to do a 10 mile walk with purchasing New Moon DVDs at our final destination. We were so psyched up, and then we had snow. Freezing blowing slush and snow…. Arrrrgh!! We ended up walking a little over 7 miles inside Lincolnwood Town Center Mall that day instead of our original outdoor plan. Trysh brought her New Moon trivia cards and we quizzed each other to pass the time, but it’s still pretty boring walking around the same small indoor circle for hours.

Fast forward to today. Again, we are so psyched up. We know that we need to do 10 miles today. So I am sure you can guess what happened, right? RAIN! We started out walking in my neighborhood at 7:30am, and then decided we needed some Starbucks to pep ourselves up. It was cloudy at that point but not raining. We were 2 blocks from Starbucks when the skies opened up on us. We are no wimps of course; we are dedicated to this cause! So we continued to walk in the rain (Starbucks in hand) until we were too wet to be comfortable. We were near our park district building. Remember the one I have blogged about before with the little tiny track that takes less than a minute to walk around? We decided to head in there and do some laps until the rain stopped. The rain never stopped, and eventually Trysh had to go to work. So today was just another 7 miler for us.  🙁

As far as the cross-training, Trysh and I really love the new spinning class we signed up for. Right now we are only spinning once a week but will probably continue with it twice a week after the Avon Walk is over. The teacher is so cool and the workout is killer. We sweat like pigs but feel great afterwards. Those of you who bike regularly or take spinning classes might think that one of the toughest parts is the crotch pain from the seat and I would have to totally agree with that! At the spinning teacher’s suggestion, I purchased a strap-on gel seat, aka “the strap-on” (Go ahead, make jokes.  I sure did when someone used that term!). I took the seat with me to class this week only to find out that it will not fit on a Kaiser spinning bike. I was so sad and now need to try to return the strap-on to Sports Authority.

That’s about all that’s new with our Avon Training. Thanks for your support, and I will update again next week!

Julia - Fantastic shot! Makes me wish I were doing the walk too.

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