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We walked to Lake Michigan, oh yes we did!

It’s been awhile since I updated on the Avon Walk training.  The walk is in less than a month, and we are ready!  On Saturday Trysh and I did a 15 mile training walk.  It took us 5 hours, but we felt such a sense of accomplishment at the end.  For you local folks:  We walked from Morton Grove to the lake, cut south a bit thru Evanston, and then back to Morton Grove.  This picture is totally crazy and unflattering, but we did an arms-length shot with the point-and-shoot when we got to the lake as proof to ourselves that we really walked there.  When I got home I told my husband that if we ever decide to move we can advertise our house as “walking distance to the lake.”  LOL!

I totally underestimated how much time it would take to train for the Avon Walk.  The training has been a huge burden on my family, and I am forever grateful for their patience.  All of this endurance walking combined with spinning class has really made me feel great though.  I feel so strong and energized, and I don’t want to stop just because the Avon Walk is over.  However I cannot continue to abandon my husband and kids for 5+ hours every weekend so I can do these long walks.  LOL!  I am looking for advice from any of you athletes out there on how to transition from walking to running.  I have never been a runner before, and believe me I have tried!  I have done the “Running for Dummies” model of intervals – run for a minute, walk for 2 minutes, run for a minute, etc.  I simply have never been able to build up the endurance to run for more than a couple of minutes at at time.  But now I feel that I am at a different starting point than I have been other times I have tried running.  Maybe it will work this time.  I welcome any advice!

Theresa - Jes, you crack me up! I LOVE all the expressions you make! I have some pretty funny faces I make for my kids. I should post them for my Funny Faces advertising…. 🙂

Tree - Love this adorable shot of you 2! As for running… I was never a runner either. I started running a bit last summer. The biggest thing for me to keep going was pace. I’m VERY slow. But, if I could keep my breathing under control I could keep going. When starting I’ve heard it’s been to increase by minutes not by miles. Within 6 weeks of running I was able to run 30 (roughly 3 miles) easily. For the past 11 weeks my dh and I have been training for our first race (1/2 marathon in Chicago this Sunday). I won’t be fast. But, to challenge myself to do something that seemed impossible a year ago is worth it! You can do it… just small increases and a steady pace. Oh and you’ve got to stretch!

Mel - Good for you!!!! I love your nutty shots.

Kelly Mendoza - Ha! Love your self portraits. The Avon Walk is an awesome thing to do, good for you!

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