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4 Days Left!

It’s been awhile since I blogged about our Avon Walk training, so I will try to touch on some of the recent highlights.

The Chipotle Episode
Trysh and I both took off of work on May 19th with intent to do our longest walk ever, aiming for 18 miles. We stopped at a Chipotle for lunch. After walking all morning we were so happy to see Chipotle that we were even singing a happy little made-up song about Chipotle. But unfortunately……(insert dramatic pause here) Trysh got food poisoning at Chipotle and since we were 7 miles from home we had to take a bus back. The poor thing ate some bad steak and it hit her about 30 minutes after we ate lunch. Fortunately it was short lived and she was fine the next day, but she had quite a miserable afternoon and night.

The “No Place to Pee” Situation
We were walking thru a relatively residential stretch of Skokie when I really had to pee. It’s always me having to pee, never Trysh. The girl has a 10 gallon bladder, I swear. Who can go out on a 5 hour walk after two venti coffees and not have to pee? Trysh can, that’s who! But I digress.

So as I was saying, we were walking thru a residential stretch of Skokie when I had to pee. Had there been a McDonalds or gas station or anywhere with a public bathroom, we would have certainly stopped there. But there wasn’t. We came across a somewhat deserted small strip mall. In it was a beauty salon with the door propped open. I decided I would go in and ask if I could use the bathroom. The salon was basically empty with one customer getting a haircut and one customer getting a pedicure. Apparently the woman doing the haircut was the boss/owner because she stood firm in her position that the bathroom was “not a public bathroom and was for customers only”. I told her that I realized this was a weird request, but that I was training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, I was several miles away from home on foot, had not seen any other place nearby to stop to use a restroom, and I was kinda desperate. At that point the customer in the pedicure chair chimed in “Oh, c’mon. She’s training for the breast cancer walk. Let her use the bathroom!” The owner stood firm in her position and refused to let me use the bathroom. Now I could see if it were the actual Avon Walk and 4000 people were trying to use the salon’s bathroom, or I could see if she was on a really busy walkway where pedestrians were coming in all the time to use the salon’s bathroom. But this was an ordinary Wednesday afternoon in an area of town with very little foot traffic at all. I was really surprised at the salon owner’s attitude, particularly when one of her customers was telling her she was being ridiculous. For that reason I am sad to announce that the one and only unsupportive person I have encountered during this entire Avon Walk experience is the owner of Beauty Tress Salon in Skokie.

The “Wow, I Actually Do Have Other Friends” Training Walk
Last weekend Trysh was working, so I ended up doing an endurance walk with my college friend Steph who is training for the August Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk. I have been spending so much time with Trysh, that I felt like I was “cheating” walking with someone else. LOL! But it was refreshing to have a change of scenery (Arlington Heights), and since Steph and I haven’t seen each other in a long time we just talked and talked and those 12 miles flew by really fast.

The Big Shoe Snafu
Big as in the magnitude of the problem, and big as big huge honking shoes (10.5 D to be exact).
Only an idiot would buy new shoes and attempt to break them in the week of the Avon Walk. Well, I am apparently that idiot. After the last long training walk I did, I was in misery. My feet and legs were aching for 2 days. I was wearing the same shoes I have been training in all year. I can only assume they were compressed and getting to the end of their lifecycle. I wanted to cry. I truly could not believe that I had to go shoe shopping less than a week before the Avon Walk. So on Sunday I went out to Murphy’s Fit in Evanston (great place for athletic shoes, fellow Chicagoans!). I tried on a bunch of things and ended up with a pair of new shoes. Took them home, wore them around the house for 10 minutes and….. (insert yet another dramatic pause here) realized I should have bought 1/2 size bigger. Darnit! It was Sunday night, next day was Memorial Day, so I wouldn’t be able to exchange these shoes until Tuesday, and Trysh and I had a training walk planned for Tuesday morning. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Fast forward to Tuesday (today). I exchanged the shoes, the bigger size feels great, and I have been wearing them around all day to break them in. I also bought a new pair of inserts for my old shoes, as “plan B” just in case I need it. Trysh and I ended up spinning today and we will do one more walk on Thursday. Hopefully that will be enough to break in these new shoes!

The Chicago Avon Walk For Breast Cancer is only 4 days away now. I really can’t believe the outpouring of support Trysh and I have received (ok, except for that hair salon lady!). It brings a tear to my eye to let you all know that your support has culminated into a $4845 donation to breast cancer research.  (insert sound of applause and cheering here.)

We just made our shirts last night. That was another moment that brought a tear to my eye. All of the people who are listed here have touched our lives in some way or the lives of our donors in some way. We are proud to honor these amazing women and their families.

We Walk in Memory Of:
Cora Ann Castle, Sherry Gelfund, Maria Cassara

We Walk in Honor Of:
Ruth Helgemo, Julie Pacana, Anna Nolan, Susan Walters, Sally Kall, Anna Hsu, Rosemary Siekierski, Mary Kay Nolan, Cosette Winter, Jaimie Hurst, Carol Anzelone, Louann Cibelli, Michelle Halle Stern, Karen Spence, Diane Pascente, Carol Blasz, Sue Homme, Ann Birchenough

My next Avon Walk blog post will most likely be about the walk itself. Thanks to everyone for your support. Please keep Trysh and I in your prayers this weekend as we take on this intense physical challenge.

Peace & Hugs,

Julia - I’m so excited for you both, and so proud of you!! It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing!

Theresa - Jes, I am SO PROUD of YOU!!! Your dedication and sense of humor is incredible! I realize this event has affected you, your family, friends, and your followers in many ways. I wish you an enjoyable and comfortable walk spiritually, emotionally, and physically!! Thank you for including my family members. Blessings to you always. Theresa

Trysh - Finally got around to reading this, LMAO by the way!
It feels surreal somehow that it’s all over and we actually did it.
Thanks to you for being awesome and constantly inspiring me! You are amazing!!! XOXO

Jes - I just wanted to add a name of someone we honored at our walk. I got the request after our shirts were already made, so her name is not on the shirt. But we did walk in honor of Diane Wemstrom as well.

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