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Geoff & Lauren’s wedding

I want to shout out a big CONGRATULATIONS to my brother Geoff and his new wife Lauren.  They were married this past Saturday in a beautiful ceremony at Independence Grove in Libertyville.  My kids and I were honored to stand up in the wedding.  I was especially honored to be my brother’s “best man.”  It was special because Lauren had her brother stand up on her side and my brother had me stand up on his side.  I did the same when I got married 11 years ago.  I did not have a maid of honor; my brother stood up with me in the position of honor.

Because I was basically born with a camera in my hand, you know I have some photos to share.  However I want to clarify that I was not the hired photographer for the event.  These are just some snaps I caught between my bridesmaid duties.  The real photographers were from Imaginative Studios, and I can’t wait to see their images.  I am only able to beat them to the punch with this blog post because I had about 100 images to sort thru, while I am sure they easily have 4000 images to sort thru.

So, congratulations to Geoff & Lauren.  I love you both!

Edited to add link to Imaginative Studios’ wedding highlights.  Click here.  

Julia - What a wonderful little handful of images! I love that you and your brother are so special to one another, and so close – that’s such a gift!

Megan - Jes, these are wonderful! It looks like a beautiful day. I LOVE that shot of your kids with their grandmother (?), the look on her face is such joy, it’s beautiful.

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