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This didn’t go exactly as planned

but we are still really happy with the results!  Little S had the cutest Christmas dress with her for this session.  It was red with a sequined full skirt and built-in crinoline slip.  Her mom had such great things planned for the photo session in that dress, but S would not wear the dress.  She simply refused and she cried her eyes out when the dress was forced onto her.  Fortunately her mom also brought a red and white striped t-shirt (Christmas-y enough, right?), and I just happened to have some new ornament props I bought for the season.  The washtub was a last resort to keep S sitting still in one place.  You can’t even see the pile of teddy grahams in the tub with her.  LOL!  It looks like this is what we planned to do all along!

Julia - Love these! What a little dolly…that last one just melts me, perfect for a card. Awesome job going with the flow Jes!!

Cynthia - Oh, that little girl is absolutely adorable! And she knows what she wants (and doesn’t want!)! Great job working with that, Jes, because these turned out great! I love all of these! The family one is wonderful and that bottom one with her biting her lip is absolutely precious! Any of them would be perfect for a Christmas card!

Tree - Honestly… so adorable!

Karin - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the result! You would never know 🙂 Gorgeous, and way to be patient and work with the real Boss of the shoot 🙂

Lauren - These images are wonderful Jes. I know the parents appreciate your talent to take a difficult situation and create amazing portraits. The bottom image cracks me up. It’s like she doesn’t want to reveal how many teddy grahams she is hiding! A great image for a holiday card.

Meg Sexton - What a cutie! That last one is perfection. Nice job!

Sarah Phillips - Such a hard age but these turned out great!

Bonnie Creevy - Oooh,t hese are awesome! I really like the family shot and that last one is just too cute!

Crystal - They are beautiful Jes! Good job! She is adorable, and that family photo is perfect!

Beck - Well done Jes! I find using a tub or wooden box really useful with little ones who can move and don’t wanna stay put… lol

Misti - How Adorable!!! This family is so cute.

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