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Pandora Photo Charms are here!

For all of the husbands, dads, and boyfriends out there struggling with what gift to get the woman in their life, I have the solution.  Does she have a Pandora Bracelet yet?  If you are unaware of what a Pandora Bracelet is, let me tell you what it is because I love mine.  The Pandora is a system of bracelet and beads, and you can “build” this over time for various holidays and milestones.  There are beads for every occasion, making it kind of a modern twist on a charm bracelet.  My husband and kids started my bracelet for me last year with a Christmas tree bead (since they gave it to me for Christmas) and two pretty murano glass beads (each kid picked out one).  Over this past year I have collected more beads.  For Mothers Day I got a duck bead (my daughter’s favorite animal) and a dog bead (my son’s favorite animal).  They gave me a pink ribbon bead when I completed the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this past June.  My husband also bought me a camera bead (self explanatory).  This summer we just happened to be on a family vacation in Florida when my birthday rolled around, and my family surprised me with a seashell bead to honor my Florida birthday.

Imagine my excitement when I learned that there are photo beads available for the Pandora.  What a great Christmas, Hanukkah, or birthday gift!  If you are interested in purchasing a photo charm bead sized for Pandora, call the studio today! Other photo jewelry items are also available.

P.S.  My 7-year-old daughter took the shot of my hand in my pocket above.  I am so proud!  LOL

Lauren - That is great that Pandora is offering photo charms. Sounds like a great holiday gift! And I love that G took this picture.

Ken J. - Oh boy… I mean pandora charms aren’t really cheap in the first place… and now this?!?!?

Whew… 😉

Brun - I just ordered myself a bracelet as well, not pandora, must remember them, can’t wait

Andrea H - I just got my Pandora bracelet and love it…where did you get your image charms? Love those!


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