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My Baby is Five

Five years ago today, the most colicky pain-in-the-butt baby was born. Fortunately he grew to be a very sweet boy. I can’t believe that Thing 2 is five years old today! I have been telling him the past few months that he is not allowed to grow up, that I want to keep him small forever so I can carry him around and cuddle him. He thinks that is hilarious and assures me that he will always give me hugs, even when he is a “big hairy man like Daddy.” I have been telling him that there are a lot of things that five-year-olds do and don’t do so he better get ready for that. For example: five-year-olds never throw tantrums, five-year-olds try their vegetables, and five-year-olds are self-sufficient on the potty and don’t have to call their moms in for clean-up. (Hey a mom’s gotta try, right?)

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!

Cynthia K - Happy 5th birthday to Thing 2!!! He is so adorable!! I love those shots!! Rawrrrrrr!!!!

Karin O'Brien - Happy Birthday to Thing 2 🙂 LOL – I agree about the things 5 year olds too…let me know if he signs the contract for that, I’ll test it out on my kid n a couple years! I adore these shots, btw. Very 5 year old faces 🙂

Tree - hehehe, love these shots of H!

Grandma - Happy Birthday to my best boy!! I can’t believe it was 5 years ago that I held you as a new baby! Grandpa and I are very proud of you and love you very much.

Lauren - Happy Birthday Thing 2! He’ll always be your little boy, Jes, even when he’s taller than you!

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