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Yearly Archives: 2010

4 months old

This 4-month session was for one of my favorite families.  I was having a major deja vu when I was editing the images, and then it hit me.  This little sweetie looks so much like her big sister did at this age.  You’ll have to journey back to my old blog to take a look, […]

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This didn’t go exactly as planned

but we are still really happy with the results!  Little S had the cutest Christmas dress with her for this session.  It was red with a sequined full skirt and built-in crinoline slip.  Her mom had such great things planned for the photo session in that dress, but S would not wear the dress.  She […]

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Adorable and Practical Knit Santa Hats

Several people have asked me where I got the knit Santa hats my kids wore on my family’s holiday card last year.  I purchased them from Pink Toad on Etsy.  Send the store owner Rebecca a message if you need a size different than what she has listed.  I sent her my kids’ head measurements […]

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Six Months Old

Here are a few highlights from a session with one of the cutest 6-month-olds ever.  What a smiley little guy, and those blue eyes are just amazing!  I particularly love his expression in the first one.  It’s as if he got busted for chewing his toes.  Ha!

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“Now click your heels together three times…..”

Hopefully she was not actually wishing “there’s no place like home” that day because we had so much fun during this session!  She loves the Wizard of Oz, princesses, and dressing up, so I think her mother did a most excellent job choosing the outfits for her 3 year portraits.

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