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4 For 12 [1]

Here we are in the final days of January, and I just now settled on what my 2011 personal photo project will be.

As a little background: I did a self-portrait 365 back in 2008. This involved a self-portrait a day for an entire year. I had a blast with that project, met so many fun people, learned a ton about myself, and freed myself creatively to try new and different things photographically. But let’s face it… A self-portrait a day for an entire year is a lot of work and can be draining at times. I took 2009 off but missed my 365 so tried again in 2010. Sadly, I only made it to Day 192 with that second try. Life just got too busy and my 365 was feeling like more of a chore than a creative outlet.

But I still missed having a personal photo project for the second half of last year. I knew I was not going to be able to commit to a daily project this year, so I started thinking about other things I could do. I decided to commit to taking a monthly family portrait. There are four people on my family, twelve months in a year, hence the name “4 For 12.” I haven’t really set up rules for this. Doing the 365 has made me feel like there needs to be rules. For the 365, all images had to be self-portraits. That meant I needed to use a remote or a timer for everything. But for the 4 For 12, do I have to shoot all 12 of these myself or if I set up the shot can I have someone else press the shutter for me? I haven’t decided. But it’s my personal project so I guess I can make up the rules as I go along. LOL!

So here it is. The first image in the 4 For 12 series. Taken just in the nick of time, as January has only 1 day left.

Shot with a timer, kids standing on a knocked-over tree, leaning back on MacGyver.

nicole - you continue to inspire!

Melissa M. - Great project!

Lauren - What I great idea Jes! Great photo. Some of my favorite 365 images of ones if me and my kiddos.

Kristin - Love love love this Jes! What a great photo!

Tree - Love this! I vote for making this project as easy on yourself as possible. The ultimate goal is to have 12 family shots in 2011. So, if you guys are out and about have a wonderful time as a family and want to remember that day/moment and you don’t have your remote or a tripod… I say who cares if you ask a stranger to snap the pic for you 🙂 It’s all about capturing the 4 of you. JMHO. <3

Grandma - I think it’s a great idea. Also, I can get a copy of any I want, right??

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