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session highlights – SpongeBob & smarties

I had a lot of fun with this adorable 3-year-old.  She danced and twirled and sang the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song for me.  I did have to crack out a pack of smarties for a little bribery toward the end of the session.  I thought I would give her one smartie at a time, assuming she would simply pop it into her mouth.  She had other plans – holding a single smartie between her fingers and slowly licking it, savoring a single smartie for 10 minutes.  And that is why a few of mine and her mom’s favorite shots have a smartie in them.  🙂

If my life long best friend is reading this blog post, she is probably laughing.  She and I met in preschool and one of my first memories of her is how long it would take her to eat a single smartie.  When it came to candy I was (and still am) more of a “chomp it up ” type of a girl.

Iliana McKittrick - Love these pics!! They are lovely! I know I shouldn’t be surprised as I can’t say I’ve seen any of your pics that I don’t like!

Patti - When I orginally spoke to Jessica about taking my little girls picture, my only hope was to get “one” great picture. Mine are always blurs and red eyes!! When I viewed the proofs I could not believe my eyes, each one was better than the last. I had a very hard time choosing. Thanks so much Jes for one of the best memories we have shared so far.

Lori McConnell - Just wanted you to know that these beautiful pictures you took
we’re of my niece Gracie!! You did a wonderful job it’s going to
be hard to pick which pictures we like.
Aunt Lori McConnell

Dawn - Love the pics, great job. My “Little” Girl is 24 now , but I remember photo sessions we had in the past and how much fun and what a hard time it was to pick “the good” ones!! it is a great time for making memories. I am a picture freak anyway and those can never be replaced!! Patti I am so happy for you !! Love Ya

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