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4 For 12 [3]

This is what I get for leaving things for the last minute. It’s the last day of March, and those of you who know me and know how crazy I get with my personal photo projects know that I cannot shoot a picture in April and say that it was my March shot.

MacGyver is in the middle of a turnaround at work. This is chemical engineering speak for shutting down part of the refinery for routine maintenance and then starting it back up again. It’s a very delicate affair, as millions of dollars are being lost each day that particular unit is not in production, plus there are risks associated with something going wrong when things start back up again. So everyone associated with this project is stressed out and overworked during this time. We are at the beginning of the turnaround and that means that from now until June MacGyver will be working some seriously long hours.

This week, he has not been in the house very much during the kids’ awake hours. He leaves for work before they get up and he comes home either after they are asleep or when they are getting ready for bed. They know this craziness is just temporary but they still miss him.

I realized today was my last chance to shoot my March 4 For 12. So this is what I get for leaving things for the last minute – a printed MacGyver on a stick.

Mom - Cute idea. Maybe keep it around until after June. See you tomorrow.

Lisa Batey - LOVE it!! You are the bomb Jessica!! that is too cute!

April Nienhuis - That is awesome!!

Tree - MacGyver on a stick! Love it 🙂 Hope your life gets back to normal soon.

Julia - Brilliant!!

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