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4 for 12 [5]

If I had to sum up the month of May, I would have to say wet.  It seems like so many of the kids’ softball and soccer games have been canceled this month due to rain.  So what better idea for May’s “4 For 12” portrait than a rain portrait! It was raining all day long but of course when MacGyver got home from work and we could take this shot of the four of us, the rain let up a bit.  I got to experiment a bit with adding a rain effect via this online tutorial.  A little cheesy I know, but it was fun and I wanted to see if I could make it work for this image.  I also got to test out my new Alzo remote.  Thing 2 is holding it below.  Doesn’t he look thrilled by this whole process?  LOL!

Here’s hoping for a drier June!

Ken - McGuyver looks oh so happy to be participating.

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