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4 For 12 [7]

This month we took a vacation in Florida.  I did not bring any of my professional gear along on the trip, just my point-and-shoot.  I wish I had a whole bunch of awesome Florida images to share, but I think my point-and-shoot is on the fritz because I am having sporadic out of focus issues.  This month’s 4 For 12 was shot on the beach in Florida with said fluky point and shoot and the top of a garbage can acting as my tripod.

I have a few other images to share.

I have a big milestone birthday coming up next month.  I see a new point-and-shoot in my future.  😉

Tree - Wonderful memories! They are all lovely but my absolute FAVE is the kids with the goggles under the water fall. Their smiles & the water are perfect.

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