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4 For 12 [8]

This image was actually shot earlier this month and I have just been to busy too post it.  It was probably a good thing though since my blog posts from last week went *poof* in that server migration anyway.

We spent a day downtown at the Adler Planetarium a couple of weeks ago.  This was shot during our picnic lunch outside the Planetarium, camera propped up on the concrete steps.

Just because these are kinda funny, I want to share some other images from the day.

And finally, “Mom, can I sit on the space toilet?”  Ummmm… sure, why not?  LOL!

sabrina - You have such a fun, gorgeous family, Jes! Love it! Looks like a fun day! (And sorry to hear about the disappearing posts. Boo.)

Jen Foley - Did you know that the ‘space toilet” is commonly referred to as “Mr. Thirsty” by NASA astronauts? Also, astronauts also must TRAIN to poop before going into space – because the opening is so small, you must be able to “line up” just right….so they have a practice unit with a CAMARA in it, that they can practice on to make sure that….well, you get the idea….The things you learn at space camp! 😉

Tree - Ahhh so great!

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