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Back to School [reposted]

Ugh, I am in such a world of frustration right now because I lost a bunch of content when my host went thru a recent server migration.  I am still working thru the email issues, so if you are emailing me and I am slow to respond that is why.  I lost two blog posts so I am reposting them now.  Unfortunately I cannot repost all of the great comments everyone left me on the originals but at least I can repost the images. Special thanks to my friend Lauren who resent me the blog post text from her google reader after I could no longer access this info in my dashboard.

Reposted from 8/23/11:

Summer vacation is over. The kids went back to school today. Thing 1 is in 3rd grade now and Thing 2 started kindergarten.

My daughter is growing up so fast. She is very into being fashionable and has to plan and accessorize all of her outfits. She spent about 20 minutes last night trying on clothes and planning what to wear today. She was a little bummed about school this year because none of her close friends ended up in her class. I know she will make new friends and will rekindle friendships she had with kids in earlier years of school.

It makes me a little sad that my baby is finally in kindergarten. This sadness was compounded this morning by him showing me his first loose tooth. Yikes, he really is growing up! I always joke with him that he is not allowed to grow up and that he has to stay a baby forever, so when something big like a loose tooth happens I get to be all silly and say “Hey now, wait a minute! You are not supposed to grow up!” And he laughs like this is the funniest thing he has ever heard.

They both ride the bus to school, but our school has a tradition for kindergarten where parents can follow the bus to school the first day because all of the kids line up with their teacher and blow kisses to the parents on their way in. It was basically a mad house at the kindergarten doors so I got the best shots I could.

Lauren - No problem! I’m glad you were able to get back up and running.
I totally love the last image with Thing 2. It kind of feels that way when there are kids running all around your child. But that smile and wave…. he loves his mama!

Jes - I had to blur up all the other kids. I don’t have model releases on any of them, you know. LOL!

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