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September is library card sign-up month

I am excited to team up with the Morton Grove Public Library and support their efforts this month to bring the community together by encouraging all residents to sign up for a library card.  The library has some great offerings, so if you don’t already have a library card now is the perfect time to go get one.  Any Morton Grove residents who show their library card in the studio this month will receive a free 8×10 with any paid session.

My daughter is really enjoying a library book that my husband picked up for her last night.  She said she wants to “invent stuff” and needs to know how to go about it.  So far she has invented a scalp massager made of a paper clip and a bead, and a candle made of the wax casing from Babybel cheese.  Tonight when I tucked her into bed I noticed an old mayonnaise jar filled with water and cotton balls on her desk.  She said she is making oxygen.  I can’t wait to see what else she invents over this long holiday weekend.

Jen Mehr - What an awesome kid (and cause)!

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