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4 for 12 [10] and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Everyone knows how much I love vampires so you can imagine my excitement to have my very own little vampire this Halloween.  He wanted to be scary, but be still my heart — is he not the cutest little vampire you ever saw?   ♥

My daughter wanted to be Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean.  It doesn’t matter that she has never actually seen Pirates of the Caribbean.  All that mattered was that her friend (who is a boy, but I refuse to say my 8-year-old has a boyfriend) was going to be Jack Sparrow and the two of them wanted to be a matched set.  We found a lot of girl pirate costumes but she was convinced she had to have a certain specific Angelica pirate costume.  We couldn’t find it anywhere and ended up ordering it online.  My daughter is tall for her age, right on the edge between childrens sizes and adult sizes.  The adult Angelica costume was $56.  Gulp!  I told her that the child costume better fit or else she was going to have to be a regular girl pirate.  Fortunately the child costume fit, so ladies and gentlemen I present Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean:

The four of us decided to attempt a scary Halloween picture for this month’s 4 For 12.  Sadly, one of my horns lost its ooomph and is flopped down.  Last night at the Morton Grove Park District’s Halloween Party a friend told MacGyver that he needs to eat more because his ribs are showing.  Ha!

The Halloween parade and parties at school are done, Halloween parties at dance class are over, and the park district party is over.  All that is left is trick-or-treating tomorrow.  I hope everyone is having an awesome Halloween weekend!

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romana fotograf Praha - Yay Jes, Photography at Halloween is such fun. We get to indulge ourselves so much. Love the vampire and pirate(ess)?

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