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my nephews and niece

I am squeezing in one more Christmas card shoot here on the blog before Christmas comes.  Meet my nephews and niece.  We really wanted to try to do some fun outdoor shots with them this year.  Sadly, we realized that this might be the last photo holiday card my sister-in-law can do because next fall the boys will be away at college.  How can that be??  I feel like it was just yesterday that I stared dating their uncle and they were the twin babies sitting in high chairs with chunks of cake at their first birthday party.  Now within a few months they will be college bound.  (Proud Auntie Alert:  the one in the middle was just accepted to Yale!)

Here’s my beautiful sis-in-law who is almost never in pictures, so I am really glad I got this one of her goofing around with her kids.

In closing I have to give a shout out to my friend Lisa Harrison.  Due to scheduling, we had to take these photos at a less than ideal time of day lighting-wise, and during processing I was dealing with all kinds of color casts and shifts.  Lisa is a master of photoshop and color correction and she really helped me even things out so that these portraits printed beautifully.  Lisa teaches a couple of Photoshop classes over at CMU – check her out!

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Tree - Great shots, Jes! Are these the ones from my neck of the woods?

Jes - Thanks, Tree! No, these are the kids that live here in Chicago.

lisa harrison - You’re welcome Jes. What a beautiful family!!!

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