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Letters to Our Sons – November

Dear Henry,

The “Letters to Our Sons” group posts on the 10th of every month and this month the 10th just snuck up on me. You will see when you become an adult that there are many people, groups, responsibilities, and causes competing for your time. Sometimes I still think that I can do everything and it’s hard to say no, especially to things I want to participate in. I really didn’t want to say no this month to the letter project so when I realized that the 10th was right around the corner I thought maybe I could express myself in photos this month instead of written words.

It was an ordinary day, Election Day in fact. You can see the “I voted” sticker stuck on my jeans in one of the photos. You and your sister were off from school because your school is a polling place. Your exciting (not!) day off consisted of getting a haircut and waiting for your sister to get her haircut, waiting in line for an hour so I could vote, and driving a half an hour to the New Balance store and then waiting for your sister to try on shoes. I know this was not your idea of a fun day, but when I suggested that you could work the remote downstairs in the studio you really perked up.

So here we are Henry, just you and me on an ordinary day. I am in total “mom running errands” mode, I didn’t even check myself in the mirror before we just sat down in front of the camera, but I still really love these images. They show how much I adore you and also show how much fun we can have together doing absolutely nothing in particular.

Love, Mom

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Julia - I love these images, Jes. They’re so you, and so him…and I adore you both!!

Lacey - These totally make me smile, Jes, and I am sure Henry loves them, too! These images speak VOLUMES about your relationship! 🙂

Elle - Such honest, happy images Jes. Gorgeous!

leah cook - you two made me smile, Jes!! how fun to have these pictures. the fall is always so incredibly busy, but I’m thankful you’re in this circle!!

Michelle C. - Oh Jess, I love these of you and your son! Such is the life of the Mother and it is fantastic. 🙂

Jessica Vaughn - What fun photos! 🙂

Lauren - These images are great Jes. I like that you celebrated a normal, routine day. Because even though it wasn’t “special”, you were together. I love the image where your eyes are closed and he’s got a huuuge smile! I have a similar pic of M and me like that and I love it. We will always love our sons, especially when they are having fun and being themselves!

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