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49/52 – Traditions

We don’t have one of those perfect color-coordinated trees with matching ornaments and garland.  Our tree is a hodge podge of sentimental ornaments that really do not go together at all but all mean something.  This tradition was started by my parents when I was a kid and they bought my brother and I a special ornament each year.  Those yearly ornaments adorned our childhood tree and then we each got to take our box of ornaments with us when we grew up and moved out.  Now with my family, we pick up ornaments on vacation to help remember special trips, I order a photo ornament every year of my kids, family and friends buy things for us that remind them of us, etc.  Here are three such ornaments.  Other highlights on our tree include a cheeseburger (since my daughter eats cheesburgers everywhere we go and ranks them), the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile (that actually plays the song), a black ornament that reminds my parents of a story I wrote in 3rd grade, a mini tool belt for MacGyver, and the John Hancock building (MacGyver proposed up in the observatory).

Lisa Raucci - Love it, Jess! That is how our tree is, too. I wouldn’t want a matchy-matchy tree that didn’t tell the story of us. 🙂

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