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Party of 3

Here are some highlights from a recent studio session with a gorgeous teenage girl and her adorable twin brothers.

Heather Rodburg - Oh wow, what lovely photos–all of them! You could not ask for more beautiful models!!

Cynthia - Fantastic shots as always, Jes! The sister is absolutely gorgeous! Such beautiful eyes and smile! Good thing she’s got those two brothers to help her parents screen all the boys!!

Kelly Wilson - Oh wow, these are gorgeous photos, as always! And what beautiful children, the daughter is stunningly gorgeous and the boys are so handsome 🙂

Karin - My Goodness GRACIOUS! Beautiful shots of a beautiful family, Jes. I love the color combo their attire; a perfect compliment to those gorgeous blue eyes. My favorite though, is the daughter’s flawless skin and eyebrows. Seriously!?! Looks like she was plucked from a magazine 🙂

Lauren - Beautiful portraits! I love their gorgeous blue eyes! The sister looks amazing and the boys have great smiles!

Cynthia - I agree with Karin! Definitely model material!!

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