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Letters to Our Sons – March

Dear Henry,

I already wrote a little bit about your love of geography when I blogged the photos of you playing “Stack the Countries.” I hope that one day you when you are grown you will look back on these letters to know the kind of boy you were so I am going to tell some more recent stories about you and geography.

We were in Marbles recently because you got some gift cards.  You love that store!  You saw a scratch-off world map and you decided immediately that is what you wanted to spend your gift cards on. The entire map is meant to be scratched off with a coin as you visit places but you have decided to scratch off a little bit each day. Too bad you can’t actually travel the world that fast, huh? This map is like a gigantic lottery ticket and what a mess it makes. We hung the map in your room and we laid paper below it to catch the scratchings, but they are still on the wall and on the trim.

The map is made by an English company called Luckies and they inserted an imaginary island onto the map called Luckies Island. You immediately went to research if this island was indeed some new place you had not seen in other books or on other maps.

Your knowledge of geography astounds me. How many other first graders would catch Luckies Island as a fake? Last week you brought home a book from the school library. It’s from 1979 and it’s called “National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our World.” You opened the big world map inside the book and immediately asked (in a surprised voice), “What’s the Soviet Union? Where’s Kazakhstan? Why is Germany divided into two countries?” We explained that over time boundaries and names have changed and the world map of today is not the same as it was in the 1970’s. That’s a hard thing to wrap your brain around, I know.

This week one of the parents from our school district visited your classroom to talk about her time in the Peace Corps. You told us how she told the class that she worked in Kiribati and you raised your hand and asked if Kiribati was considered part of Oceania. You might not realize it, but that this is not a typical question for a 7-year-old to ask. When you were telling Dad and I about what happened at school that day, Dad had to pull up a map on the ipad to look at Kiribati because frankly neither of us had ever heard of it. You definitely know much more about geography than Dad or I do.

We are in the process for applying for passports for you and your sister so we can all go to Canada this summer and you can get your first passport stamp. You dream of traveling the world and already plan to get a new scratch map to document your true travels. I hope that during your lifetime you get to have great adventures in all of the amazing places you dream of. Maybe one day you can even find Luckies Island.

Love, Mom

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Stacy - I Love Henry’s LOVE for geography! Such a smart little boy. My oldest is starting to love geography too…about as much as a 3 year old can. He has a huge felt map we hung up and he is constantly asking where everyone lives, or where certain animals live. Beautiful pictures and letter 🙂

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