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Letters to Our Children – April

Dear Gracie

You have been struggling a bit with organization this year.   When I tell you to put on a hat because it’s freezing outside, you can’t because over the days you have forgotten all 6 of your winter hats in your locker at school.  When I tell you to put on a sweatshirt, you realize that at least 4 of your sweatshirts are forgotten in your locker at school.  When I tell you to please bring all of that stuff home, you come home with a backpack bursting at the seams, only to realize that you have also grabbed some of your locker buddy’s clothes as well.

You will be heading to middle school in the fall.  The 4th grade teachers have been working to get you and your friends to be more organized this year.  They are trying to teach you that it’s your responsibility to be prepared and to have all of the things you need for school.  Unlike last year in 3rd grade, the teachers now will not allow you to call home if you forget your homework, your books, etc.  Instead you get a “red alert” for not being prepared.  You have figured out that if you realized you forgot something right away before you even get down to your classroom, the office ladies will let you call me to bring it.  One day this week I walked you and your brother out to the bus then came back into the house to find your folder laying on the kitchen table.  I paused for a moment, thinking about the situation.  Perhaps a red alert would be in order today.  But then I thought about you stopping in the office on your way to the classroom, interrupting my breakfast.    I know it sounds crazy but I decided to track down the bus.  I knew the next few stops in our neighborhood and I was able to deliver your folder to you on the bus.  (You’re welcome.)

When I tell you to clean up your room, to stop living off your clean laundry pile and put the clothes in the drawers, to put things back where they belong so you can find them again, to put your homework folder into your backpack as soon as you complete the homework, you complain and say “This is just how I am.”  You think I am trying to change you and to alter some fundamental part of who you are.  I love who you are but I want you to start developing habits that will make it easier for you to succeed.  I can’t always be chasing the bus with your homework folder, baby girl.  You got straight A’s on your last report card, so clearly you are doing so many things right.  You are a smart girl with a bright future ahead of you and I feel blessed to have a front row seat to watch it all unfold for you.

Love,  Mom

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Jamie C - Beautiful! I have a little girl who is learning about organization too!! It’s going to be a long journey 😉

Tree - Sounds like my kids too. Now that J is in 7th grade she seems to be more responsible. I’m sure some of it is maturity. But, having to learn the hard way a couple of times definitely works. I had to stop bailing her out. They both still live out of the pile of clean clothes… oye! Love the pics of G by the bus.

Lauren - I think that raising babies is physically hard. Raising older children is mentally challenging. You can’t just pick them up and make them do things. You have to use different tactics. I hope you and Gracie find ways to communicate so that she can both be who she is and be more responsible for her things. Jes, I feel like you are about 2 years ahead of me, so when you figure it out, let me know! 🙂

Heather Rodburg - Oh my goodness, I think my mom would have written this about me. I was horribly unorganized (okay, maybe I still am!!) and was constantly forgetting my homework at home. I can’t tell you the number of times she had to bring it to school for me. What a great letter!! Not to mention what a great mom too for tracking down the school bus.

Nicole Heflin - I can totally relate, having a fourth grade girl myself! My Natalie literally got on the bus without her book bag, has forgotten homework numerous times. I keep saying to her that next year they won’t be so easy on her. Good luck to you and your girl 🙂 Great pics too!

Stacy - I see myself relating to this in the future! Zach is already the master of disorganization, lol. I love the jumping picture!

Jen Davis - Wonderful advice! Such a smart girl, I’m sure she will get the hang of it in no time!

Mom - It’s funny,isn’t it, how what goes around comes around. I remember a daughter who lived off the clean laundry pile IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM instead of carrying it upstairs and putting it away. I also remember you throwing clean clothes down the laundry shoot after deciding you didn’t want to wear them nor put them back in the closet. And look what happened. You turned out just fine, a well organized loving mother. Be patient, my dear.

Jes - Touché, Mom.

kat - Fantastic! With a 4th and 5th grader, I loved this because I can totally relate! 🙂

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