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Letters to Our Sons – April

Dear Henry,

Watching you and Dad together is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it’s playing tag in the yard, surfing on your ipads, reading a book, playing wii, or just relaxing, I love the dynamic between the two of you. I have read that little boys grow up to be the kind of men they see their fathers being and that little girls expectations of their future husbands are based on how they see their fathers behave. That’s a lot of pressure on poor old Dad, huh? There are so many things I appreciate about Dad, but one of the biggest ones is how affectionate he is with you. I have seen other families where the fathers are affectionate with the girls but are a little more formal with the boys. They somehow think it’s not manly to hug and kiss their sons. I think this behavior was more common a generation ago, thank goodness. Lucky for all of us, you will grow up thinking it’s normal and expected for a father to hug, kiss, and snuggle with his son and I thank Dad every day for that. I hope that as you grow older you never stop hugging Dad and that you will always continue to have the close relationship that you have now.

Love, Mom

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April Nienhuis - Such true words, Jes! Father’s should love on their boys much more than what is considered typical.

Stacy - I love this letter Jess! You can tell what a strong loving relationship they have through the beautiful pictures 🙂

Megan Cieloha - It looks like they have such a beautiful relationship. And- your little guy looks so safe and content in that last image <3

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