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Studio Lighting Workshop

how to use studio lighting

There are still a few seats open for the May 6th run of my online studio lighting workshop, “Studio Lighting For Beginners.”  Don’t let the title fool you.  Although this workshop is of course great for beginners, it’s also beneficial for people who have been using studio lights for awhile but feel like they are winging it.

We will start from square one, showing how to attach a softbox to a studio light and getting the light to fire.  We will learn how to position the light and reflector, take handheld meter readings, use light ratios to control the look of our images, and add accent lights such as hairlights and background lights.

How does this work?  This is an online studio lighting course.  Registrants will receive access to a private forum.  There will be four lessons, one lesson presented each week for four weeks.  The lessons consist of text, example photos, lighting diagrams, and videos.  Each week will include a downloadable PDF of information.  There will be a weekly assignment which participants can post to the private forum for feeback.  There are not specific “live events” during the workshop that you have to adjust your schedule around and make yourself available for.  I will share each new lesson on a Monday and then you have that entire week to read it, ask questions, and complete your assignment.  I check in several times a day to answer any questions, critique assignments, and assist participants who are encountering challenges.

This is a 5 week workshop with 4 weeks of lesson content.  The first week is a “gear getting week.”  This means that the private workshop forum will be open for Q&A so that you can ask any type of gear-related questions you need before the first lesson is posted on May 13.  If you are missing any essential cords or connectors, that gear getting week will give you time to order what you need.  If you have any questions prior to the workshop forum opening please feel free to send me an email at jes@jessicagwozdz.com.

Check out some images created above by past students in the workshop.   Thank you to Kari Bruck, Robin SimmonsDebra Tope, and Carrie Tucci for use of their beautiful portraits.   Some past participants in the course were quite literally taking their studio lights out of the shipping boxes at the start of the course, and look at the stunning images they were able to create just a couple of weeks later.

Joining me are my teaching assistants Lisa HarrisonStacey Haslem, and Heather Rodburg as well as several talented alumni of past runs of the course.  Don’t feel intimidated by studio lighting.  Join us!  We will hold your hand thru the process.

Updated December 2013:  My studio lighting workshop has a new home at The Photographer Within!

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