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Letters to Our Children – August 2013

Dear Grace,

I am sorry that I have missed a few months of my letters to you.  Our lives were somewhat turned upside down in May when Dad accepted a job in Bellingham, Washington and we decided to leave Chicago.  This was a decision we made in order to have a better life for our family.  Dad’s commute and work hours back in Chicago were long.  That was taking a toll on all of us.  He was always tired and stressed out.  He didn’t have time to do things he enjoyed like exercise, do woodworking, or play with you and Henry.  In this midst of trying to make the decision to accept the new job, Dad looked down at the foot of our bed and said “Ten years ago Gracie was a little baby in a bassinet by the foot of our bed.  In ten years she will be away at college and I feel like I am missing it all.”

Those few words spoke volumes so here we are in Washington.  We have been here for about a month.  We have an awesome new house in an amazing neighborhood up on a mountain in the woods.  Dad has been coming home from work on weekdays early enough that we can all eat dinner together and even have some time to play basketball or pickle ball in the backyard after dinner.

I am so proud of you because you have handled this move so well.  You said “I never thought that WE would move, that WE would be the new kids at school.”  I know it was extremely hard for you to leave our house in Morton Grove.  It was hard for me too.  That is the house I brought my brand new baby Gracie home from the hospital to!  It was also hard for me to leave Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Geoff.  You have done a great job over the past month keeping in touch with the family and your friends back home via Facetime, texting, and email.  And you have made some great new friends here in our new neighborhood too.  I know that you will make even more friends once school starts in a couple of weeks.  You are also doing lots of cool new things like finding frogs in our yard and sledding down a mountain when it’s 70 degrees outside.

Since I am sharing photos with this letter I suppose I should comment about the cast on your arm.  If you look back upon this letter years from now, you will want to remember that special “Welcome to Bellingham” gift.  You don’t even have a new pediatrician here yet, however you have a new orthopedic surgeon.  Sigh.  See that giant rock in front of the house?  You fell off that rock in the first few days we were here and fractured the growth plate in your wrist.  As bad luck would have it,  it had to be your pitching arm and you will still be in this cast for softball tryouts.  I spoke to the coach and they plan to let you try out late.  I just know that one of my next letters to you will be about how you have rehabbed your wrist and are back to pitching like the champ that you are.

Stay strong, Baby Girl.  You are doing awesome with all of the new things life is throwing your way right now and I am so proud of you!

Love, Mom


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Karin O'Brien - What a sweet letter – made me all tear up 🙂 Gracie is definitely handling everything with grace. Well, except for the rock. Judging by the photos you all are settling in quite well! Gorgeous shots – makes ME want to move to WA!!

Stacy - Beautiful letter. Glad to hear that she is doing well with the move. Your new house is beautiful!

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Karen Rodgers - Hi Jessie,

What a wonderful letter. I knew you would all adapt well…that’s just who you are, as a family. It’s so good to hear about the new family-friendly schedule, new friends, new adventures, new surroundings, fabulous sights and a beautiful new home. It all sounds pretty fantastic! YEE HAH!

Love, Karen

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