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Letters to Our Sons – August

Dear Henry,

I am sorry that I have missed three months of the Letters to Our Sons project. Our lives were somewhat turned upside down in May and things got a little crazy. Dad was offered a really great job in Bellingham Washington and although we have been Chicagoans our whole lives, we decided to take the plunge and try something new in the hopes of a better family life. We just arrived here in Bellingham on July 20 and are settling into our new house. You probably don’t fully understand now all that was involved in moving our family across the country, but maybe when you are grown up and looking back on these letters you will. Selling our house in Morton Grove, long-distance house hunting in Washington, looking at schools, doctors, sports programs — There were so many things to do and so many things had to happen in a certain sequence for everything to fall into place smoothly. We were lucky that our Morton Grove house sold quickly and that we found a house we loved in Bellingham.

So here you are in the yard of our new Bellingham house. The yard is overgrown. Really really overgrown. Dad has been spending a lot of time chopping, trimming, and weeding, and you have been eager to help. Dad gave you some safety glasses and gardening gloves and you were just thrilled to pitch in. I know that all of this work around the house is exhausting for Dad but I secretly thinks he loves it. One of the main reasons we moved here was to get more time together as a family and for Dad to have a shorter commute and more manageable work hours. I think that given the choice, Dad would much rather spend a Monday night chopping down weeds with you than sitting in his car for a 2-hour commute only to walk in the door to find you in bed. Just remember Henry, good family time doesn’t always have to be something big and extravagant. Sometimes chopping down tree-sized weeds together can truly be a great time.

I know it was hard to say goodbye to our family and friends back home. It was hard to say goodbye to our house on Church Street, the only home you’ve ever known. But I am confident we made the right choice by moving here and I look forward to all of the new memories and adventures we have yet to create. And considering we live on an acre in the woods, there are probably many hours ahead of weeding for you and Dad. 😉


julia - What a wonderful letter – so much change for you and your family, but also so many new opportunities. I love these images, especially of the two of them – new memories being made!! Although I’ll miss being able to see you easily, I’m so very happy for you and your family <3

Tree - Love this… life is way too short to miss time with your kids. I’m thrilled for you and your family to have that time together.

Lauren - Lovely letter Jes. You have had a lot of changes, but so many changes are good ones. I know both MaGyver and H love spending more time together. And as a former safety professional, I am happy to see H with safety glasses and gloves on!

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