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Letters to Our Children – September 2013

Dear Henry,

My first letter to you in this blog project was about your smile, and here I am one year later writing once again about your smile.  I have loved watching your smile evolve from a drooling gummy grin to cute little baby teeth that look like mini chicklets, then to gaps of missing teeth like a jack-o-lantern, and now to a super shiny reflective brace-ful smile.  You inherited Dad’s big teeth but unfortunately did not inherit Dad’s big jaw so we had had to embark rather early on your orthodontic journey.  I think this will be a long trip so keep smiling, sweet boy.

Someday we will laugh about that day in our kitchen back in Morton Grove when you were eating a quesadilla and spit out half of your tooth which was broken by the eruption of your 6-year-molar in the wrong location.  Remember how Dr. Dumanis had to extract two of your baby teeth, then Dr. Robbins struggled to install “the crab” appliance in the roof of your mouth to start moving your teeth before there were enough permanent teeth in your mouth to even attach braces to?  You ate yogurt, smoothies, and applesauce for a week.  Then we moved to Washington and had to find a new orthodontist pretty quickly because the crab was at the end of its usable life.  Dr. Andy struggled to get that appliance out almost as much as Dr. Robbins struggled to get it in.

And someday when we look back at all of this and laugh, you will (as always) have the brightest and most beautiful smile in the room.

Love, Mom

Be sure to follow the “Letters to Our Children” blog circle all the way around back to here.  I am really excited to link this month to my good friend Lauren.  We are both engineers-turned-photographers and lived just a couple of miles apart until this summer when I moved.   I miss her!

Jamie C - His smile is contagious!!

Jen Davis - Memories and stories to cherish!

Lauren - I love his smile. He is one happy boy! He has a fantastic smile and big brown eyes. I miss you too my friend!!

Grandma - His smile always brightens a room.

nicole - beautiful smile.

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