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Letters to Our Children – October 2013

Dear Gracie,

I really admire the extracurricular academic pursuits you have chosen to get involved with this year.  You joined the Math Olympiad team and also started reading to be on a Sasquatch Super Bowl team.  We didn’t know what the Sasquatch Super Bowl was a couple of months ago, so for the benefit of our blog readers I will explain.   Each year librarians nominate a list of recently published books for Washington State’s Sasquatch Award and the Pacific Northwest’s Young Readers Choice Award.  Fourth and fifth grade students can participate in the Sasquatch Super Bowl in March where they compete by answering questions about the books on the two lists.  Fourth graders only have to read the Sasquatch list while fifth graders have to read both the Sasquatch list and the Young Readers Choice List.  This means you, sweet girl, have to read 20 books between now and March.  You are off to a great start and I know you can meet the deadline.

You said you are part of the “nerd herd” at your new school.  If loving math and reading makes you part of the nerd herd, then those non-nerds really don’t know what they are missing.  Since Dad and I are practically card-carrying members of the nerd herd, you make us very proud.

Love, Mom


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jess8982 - The fog is awesome and your daughter gorgeous! are nerds are the best!

Stacy - That is awesome! I bet you are so proud of her. So glad she seems to have adjusted so well to the move 🙂 Beautiful images! It looks gorgeous in Washington! It is on my list of places to visit one day.

Lauren - I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t practically a nerd, you are a full-fledged nerd! 🙂 And Gracie will be a wonderful, successful nerd just like her parents. It’s great she’s getting so involved in your new community! Did you get NERDS plates in Washington?

Marilyn (Grandma) - My princess will always be the best at whatever she does. You rock, Gracie.

Jes - Yes Lauren, the Nerds tradition carries on in a WA plate. 🙂

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