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WEEK 3:  “It’s like you’re my mirror, my mirror staring back at me.” ~Justin Timberlake

For The Photographer Within’s 52-Week project – A Year in Song. #TPWP52

I had an idea for this shot when I heard the lyric but my results didn’t really turn out how I imagined. I was thinking about all of the changes in my life over the past 6 months and how I hardly recognize myself in the mirror. I was a city girl who got manicures every other week, but six months ago left my parents, brother, and friends to move 2000 miles away and buy a house in the woods on a mountain. No more regular manicures, and the nearest Nordstrom is 100 miles away. I hike a few miles a day because our new dog need a lot of exercise. Now I am a girl in perpetually muddy boots, wearing makeup only a few times a week, constantly covered in dog hair, who thinks nothing of having to keep a big stick on her front stoop to knock the enormous spiders away from the door before entering.

I had this vision of a dark wooded scene with the camping lantern, the dog sitting next to me. My overly submissive dog would not sit, only lay. I didn’t have enough flash power with me to get the lighting the way I really wanted it. So I suppose in some ways this is a bit of an outtake, ha! But here I am, the new person I see in the mirror nowadays.

Kili - I love it! Things don’t always turn out the way we like, so we just go with it. I found your blog through a book that was purchased for me called Inspire. You probably know that you featured in it. The picture of the little one with her paren’t lips touching her head made me smile and I just wanted to let you know. I’m excited to peruse your blog. I’m out here in WA too and I hope you love it.

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