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Studio Lighting Workshop

"Studio Lighting Fundamentals" workshop with Jessica Gwozdz

Many of you have either taken or heard about my Studio Lighting Fundamentals online workshop.  The course ran at Clickinmoms from 2011 until 2013 and has been running since 2013 at The Photographer Within (TPW).  The next run starts April 20th.  Registration is now open but first I have an important announcement about the April 20th run. This will be the final instructor-led run of the course before the materials are converted into a self-study module.  For more information about this format change, click HERE

Do you have questions before you register?  One of the most common general questions about TPW workshops is whether or not you need to be a TPW member to take a workshop.  The answer is no, the workshops are open to both members and non-members (though we sure hope you decide to stick around after the class wraps up).  If you are a TPW member, there is a preregistration Q&A thread already started HERE.  If you are not a TPW member, feel free to email me at jes@jessicagwozdz.com with any questions before registering.  

If you are seeing this information after April 20th and are interested in the course, please know that the first week is a gear-getting week.  The workshop forum is open for us to talk informally and allow time to order any last minute pieces of gear needed.  The first lesson won’t be posted until April 27th.

Some of the best feedback I have heard about my workshop is that students really understand the “hows and whys” of studio lighting so they no longer have to guess or wing it.  I don’t want to teach you to be a copycat of me.  I want to teach you how to use your equipment  so you can take control of your results and let your unique style and creativity shine through.

Reviews of "Studio Lighting Fundamentals" workshop with Jessica Gwozdz

Don’t be intimidated to try studio lighting because it seems complicated –  I will hold your hand every step of the way.  And if you are already using studio lights but feel like you are counting on luck to get good results, let me show you how to truly take control.   Hope to see you in the workshop

Hope to see you in the workshop on April 20th!


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