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3/52 – Circles

Softball Pitcher, by Jessica Gwozdz

This kid, pitching in the circle at her first 14U fastpitch tournament.  Those overlapping circles are the 12U circle and the 14U circle, as the 12U’s were playing on the field before her. She’s been playing ball since she was 7 and pitching since she was 9.  She works so hard and there really is no “off season” for her. Beyond regular team practices, pitchers usually see a private pitching coach weekly and also need to be throwing beyond normal practices to keep their strength and endurance up. Those of you who are sports parents know the drill – our family has invested quite a bit of time and money in fastpitch and when we see our daughter doing what she loves and thriving, it’s all worth it.  It hasn’t always been easy for her.  Teams only need a certain number of pitchers so as the kids age-out and shuffle around to the various fastpitch programs, we spend each August trying to determine what is going to be the best fit for her that next year and where she is going to get the circle time she both craves and also needs in order to continue developing as a pitcher.  She turned 13 in the fall so while other 7th graders can still play 12U this season, she needed to move up to 14U.  She is the only 7th grader on her 14U team and we are so thankful that she ended up with a team this year that is not only giving her the circle time she needs but is also filled with the sweetest bunch of high school girls who have been so kind, welcoming, and supportive.  I am looking forward to a great season for all of them!

Photography notes: Shot indoors through a net from a balcony with my new D750 at ISO 8000.  My zoom is the 70-200 f4 and it’s times like these where I wish I had that extra stop of light available from the 2.8.

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