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Monthly Archives: April 2016

16/52 – Background

Here is a somewhat non-photography interpretation of this week’s theme.  This is my background.  I showed my son my hard-bound thesis from grad school and he was so impressed.  In his eyes I have just always been the yoga-pants-wearing mom who volunteers at school.  He has heard about my life and career before he and […]

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14/52 – Relax

We spent last Sunday with my cousins and their families at an amazing winery in Oregon.  There was a nice patio where we sat around all afternoon sipping wine and eating cheese while watching the kids play in this gorgeous field.  Talk about relaxing!

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13/52 – In My Bag

I tend to prefer zooms but I like to keep a nice wide aperture prime in my bag, just in case.  If you look closely you can sort of see my son through the lens.

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12/52 – Street Photography

I got caught up on my P52 over spring break. We spent a few days in Portland, our first time there. If you are familiar with the location of this sign you know that there are much grittier things I could have photographed in this neighborhood for the street photography project prompt. There are homeless […]

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