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We Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Softball Around Here

It’s summer and you know what that means. Travel softball season!

This spring was a long one. It was Gracie’s first year of high school softball and she made the varsity team. She had a rough start, suffering a concussion during the second game of the season. She came back from that injury and joined her team to win the conference, then the District, and then go onto State.

Her club team, the Cascade Crush, started their travel ball season started the same weekend as 2A State, so she went straight from one softball field to another. Here’s some more pics of my girl doing her thing this year.

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Seasons Greetings from Our Corner of the Galaxy to Yours

Star Wars Themed Family Photo By Jessica Gwozdz

I have really been neglecting my blog this year but our family’s Star Wars themed Christmas card has inspired me to post.

This image was really a lot of fun to create. My initial idea for a Christmas card was a portrait of us in a beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoor scene. I planned our outfits (jeans, sweaters, hiking boots) and we took a drive up to Mount Baker. What started out as a beautiful day turned into rain when we reached a certain altitude. I had cranky wet kids and a carsick dog. It just wasn’t going to work for us that day. Then one day I was in Value Village looking for Halloween costume inspiration and I saw that ivory vest. I immediately thought “That looks like Hoth Leia’s vest,” and this whole Star Wars card idea came to be. I pieced together each family member’s outfit from things we already had and things I purchased at Value Village. MacGyver’s vest is actually a T-Moblie uniform and that’s electrical tape on his pants. My daughter and the dog are both draped in some fabric from the remnant container at JoAnn. My crafty and creative son made the control panel on my vest. I photographed each of us alone on my black backdrop using a 4-light setup, montaged us together, and dropped in the star background. Oh yeah – it look a little photoshop magic to make those light sabers glow. Although the light sabers light up, they are not quite that impressive in real life. I am thankful for my amazing family who rolled their eyes at first but eventually went along with my nerdy ideas. The family that geeks out together stays together!

So here you have it, just in time for the release of The Last Jedi. Happy Holidays from our corner of the galaxy to yours!

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