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12/52 – Street Photography

Portland Sign by Jessica Gwozdz

I got caught up on my P52 over spring break. We spent a few days in Portland, our first time there. If you are familiar with the location of this sign you know that there are much grittier things I could have photographed in this neighborhood for the street photography project prompt. There are homeless people camped out on the streets all over this area. I just couldn’t bring myself to photography strangers during their difficult times because it felt like an invasion of their privacy.

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11/52 – Something Green

Reflective Water Droplet, by Jessica Gwozdz

I tried out a shooting tutorial by my friend Jessica Holden.  I was still getting some ghosting on the edges of the drop and think I need to play around some more with shutter speed if I try this again.  Even with the ghosting, it’s still pretty cool.  That’s some of my daughter’s abstract art in the background and reflected in the drop.

Jessica - Beautiful! And I love that you used your daughter’s art as the background… 💕

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10/52 – Childhood Memory

Softball Trophies, by Jessica Gwozdz

Are small trophies a regional thing?  My daughter plays fastpitch and since we moved to Washington, the teams get one big team trophy and not small individual ones for each player.  If this is truly a regional thing then the only fastpitch trophies my daughter is going to have are the ones she got back in Illinois.  She played on a really competitive team here in Washington last season and the team did quite well in several tournaments.  The coach’s house must be full of those gigantic trophies but my daughter has none to add to her collection.

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