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This is such a big sneak peek because I am truly excited about so many of these images.  The goal was to get a close-up of each brother for a canvas series, and we got that and more.  These boys were really silly and we had a great shoot.

(And this just shows how many things my new blog can do that I was not even aware of.  LOL!  This slideshow viewer is kinda cool, already conveniently built into the blog.)

Megan - These are wonderful, Jes! Love your b&ws, and these boys look like they were so much fun.

Lisa Harrison - Gorgeous photos Jes. I envision another beautiful photo wall by Jes. Can’t wait to see it.

I need to look in to this slideshow 🙂

Kelley - What amazing photos Jes! You really captured their personalities wonderfully! Love the new blog! The slide show is so cool!

Julia - Wow, these really turned out beautifully! Those boys are so handsome and I absolutely love the fun feeling you captured…awesome job!

Michelle - Love it! ~cm~

4 weeks old » Jessica Gwozdz Photography – Chicago maternity, newborn, child, and family photographer - […] right side of the enlargement, you can scroll thru the other images.  In the past I had tried a flash gallery sneak peek, but realized that someone viewing the blog from a non-flash-enabled phone could only see the first […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  My kids have a couple of days off from school, so I will be enjoying a long weekend with my family and will be responding to emails and voicemails when I return.

In other random but worthy-of-sharing news:

Official in Glenview: I recently joined the Glenview Chamber of Commerce.  I am not sure what took me so long, as my studio is just 1/2 mile from the Glenview border and I already do so much business in Glenview (both studio business and my own personal shopping!).  I am really excited at the chance to offer my portraiture to more folks in Glenview.

The New Blog: Several photographers have asked me about my new blog.  It’s a ProPhoto Blog, and so far I love it.  I feel like I have just barely scratched the surface with its blogging features.  I am learning more everyday, so I am sure you will see this blog evolve over the next several months.  The folks at ProPhoto Blog have been gracious enough to offer me my own personal discount code to share with you.  So if you are looking for a ProPhoto Blog Discount Code, look no further.  This code will save you $10:  JESGWO829

Lisa Harrison - Jes, they are growing up so fast and they really are BEAUTIFUL children.

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Six Days New

Is there anything more fresh, perfect, and sweet than a 6-day old baby?  Why yes there is  –  TWO six day old babies!  I had so much fun with these little ones.  They were so good thru the whole session.  I want to send out a huge thank you to their mom for bringing them to me just six days after her c-section.  I am sure there are many things more relaxing she would have liked to be doing 6 days postpartum.

A&T, I hope you think the pictures are worth the hassle.  I am so excited with the results.  More to come in the proofs.  I will be in touch soon!

Michelle E. - Sweet sweet babies! I love how they are cuddled together in the first picture. Adorable!!

Megan - Oh, how SWEET. I just love that last one, how one is wide awake, and the other is out cold. Just so adorable. Great job, Jes!!

Lisa Harrison - Jes, these are absolutely beautiful. What sweet babies. Mom and Dad will treasure these.

Kathryn - How beautiful!! What gorgeous babies. That last one made me giggle out loud – LOVE IT!! Beautiful work!

Bonnie Creevy - Gorgeous! That first one is to die for!

Diane - Great pix!! I wish I had some shots like that when my twins were born!

Kristin - Awww these are stunning Jes! You rocked it! What gorgeous babies!

Lauren - These are beautiful Jessie! Brings back memories of my little ones. I love seeing them all snuggly together.

lynne - These are beautiful, Jes! What sweet little ones! The last one is my favorite. Gorgeous work!

Beth Ross - BEAUTIFUL Jes!!! Those first two where they are all snuggled up just melts my heart. I think I had a contraction. Your post may just send me into labor!!!!!

Misti - These are so great. That last one with one awake and one sleeping is precious. Personality already showing 🙂 Beautiful!!!

monica - Oh my…those are precious, little cuties!! The last shot is stunning!!

Julia - Beautiful images Jes; love them all!!

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Sneak Peek

You might recognize this little boy, as I have photographed him several times in the past 5 years.  I photographed his sister as a newborn, but that was 17 months ago and she has grown so much!  Their mom had warned me in advance that she has a bit of stranger anxiety and often clings to her parents in new situations.  I was not worried, as I hear this often from parents yet typically it takes just a few minutes of goofing around until kids feel at home here in my studio.  Not so much the case for this little one.  Try as I might, little L would not let go of her mom.  Fortunately her mom is in really good shape and was flexible enough to act as a chair.  LOL!  What great smiles both kids have, huh?  And I bet if I didn’t tell you L was sitting on her mom, you wouldn’t even know.   I actually didn’t plan to photograph both kids laying down like this but when I started looking thru the images I was excited to see that I had similar captures of each of them – him on the rug and her (of course) on mom.

Julia - These are adorable!! and oh my gosh, that last one…perfection!

Bonnie Creevy - What gorgeous eyes! I really love these. Love the colors and how clean it looks. Awesome job!

Lauren - These are beautiful Jessie! Each set would be beautiful together in a collection.

Jill - I love hearing the behind the scenes info! The images turned out adorable!

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Party of Five

I have a seven-year-old and a four-year-old, and I think that my family has a busy life.  This weekend I got a glimpse of what it would be like to have an extra four-year-old in the mix.  Wow, four-year-old twins will sure keep you on your toes!  One of the little girls just couldn’t wait to get her hands on my son’s train table, which she saw in the playroom on her way into the studio.  Fortunately that worked out to be a nice bribe – “Sit here for just one minute and then you can play with the train!”  LOL!

And of course whenever there are three kids involved, there are bound to be some outtakes!

Julia - Love ’em…what a fun bunch!

Mandy Leonards - Love these, great job!

Lisa Noble - Fabulous portraits! Your work is always so amazing!

Bonnie Creevy - Oooh, gorgeous! LOVING that peti skirt too!

Kim K. - ha! Love the last shot!

Malisa - Wow- what a busy bunch!! Great shots!

kelly - These pictures are so full of life! Great energy-beautiful shots!

Becca @ the Stanley Clan - They are SO cute with those curls! 🙂 like the new blog a lot!

Kelsey - Love these! How fun! Nice work Jes!

rachael - lovin’ the new blog jes!

Lori - Gorgeous pictures.

What a great looking family!

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