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New Blog!

Thanks for visiting my new blog!  If you are looking for past sneak peeks from last year’s sessions, please copy and paste this link into your browser.


I hope this new blog will give me some more flexibility with layouts and options, and I ask you to bear with me because I am still sorta figuring out how it works.  One nice feature is the ability to post larger photos.  I’ll kick off my new blog with a recent funny picture of my daughter.  She’s got vampire fever, even though I have not let her watch or read any of the current popular movies and shows.  Her shirt is creased but it reads “forget being a princess, I’d rather be a vampire.”

Lauren - I like the new blog! And your first picture! 🙂

Bonnie Creevy - Nice green teeth!!

Julia - LOVE the new blog!!! Looking forward to seeing all of the changes (and putting one on my wish list 🙂

Kim K. - Ha! This is too cute!!! Love the new blog too!

Candice - The new blog looks great! She is a cutie pie :0) Love it!

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