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I wish they all could be California girls

I am so honored and flattered that this California family extended their trip to Chicago to have a portrait session with me.  The mom from this family and I went to high school together but have not been in touch for 20 years.  Here is a big shout out to Facebook for reconnecting us.  Thanks, […]

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4 months old

This 4-month session was for one of my favorite families.  I was having a major deja vu when I was editing the images, and then it hit me.  This little sweetie looks so much like her big sister did at this age.  You’ll have to journey back to my old blog to take a look, […]

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Six Months Old

Here are a few highlights from a session with one of the cutest 6-month-olds ever.  What a smiley little guy, and those blue eyes are just amazing!  I particularly love his expression in the first one.  It’s as if he got busted for chewing his toes.  Ha!

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Sneak Peek

I love the power of Facebook and how it connects people.  The mom of these three cuties went to my high school but she was not in my class.  Through mutual friends, she had seen some of my work on Facebook, got in touch with me, and last week I was honored to photograph her […]

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I cannot get over how happy this little 10-month-old guy was.  And with the immense volume of drool coming from him, I would think he had a tooth coming in.  If so, you’d never know it because he was so happy to be photographed that he just smiled, laughed, and squealed his way thru the […]

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