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Howdy friends and colleagues.  I get a lot of inquiries about mentoring and teaching so I thought it would be helpful to put it all together here in one place.



I taught an online studio fundamentals course for several years both at Clickinmoms and at The Photographer Within. This course started from square one, showing how to attach a softbox to a studio light and how to get the light to fire.  It covered how to position the light and reflector, take handheld meter readings, use light ratios to control the look of our images, and add accent lights such as hairlights and background lights. This course is not currently scheduled to run again, however if you get on my mailing list to learn about future workshops.



You can find many of my tutorials and articles in the “for photographers” category of my blog.  Additionally, several of my tutorials and articles have been shared on various photography blogs.  Here are a few:

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I am often involved in planning and coordinating local photography events and seminars (taught by myself as well as others).  If you would like to get on my mailing list to learn about upcoming photography events, classes, or mentoring opportunities, please join my mailing list here.  I promise not to spam you!