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Howdy friends and colleagues.  I get a lot of inquiries about mentoring and teaching so I thought it would be helpful to put it all together here in one place.



I currently teach an online studio lighting fundamentals course at The Photographer Within.  The course starts from square one, showing how to attach a softbox to a studio light and how to get the light to fire.  We will learn how to position the light and reflector, take handheld meter readings, use light ratios to control the look of our images, and add accent lights such as hairlights and background lights.

How does this course work?  This is an online studio lighting workshop.  Registrants will receive access to a private password-access discussions area.   There will be four lessons, one lesson presented each week for four weeks.  The lessons consist of text, example photos, lighting diagrams, and in some cases videos.  Each week will include a downloadable PDF of information.  There will be a weekly assignment which participants can post to the private forum for feedback.  There are not specific “live events” during the workshop that you have to adjust your schedule around and make yourself available for.  I will share each new lesson on a Monday and then you have that entire week to read it, ask questions, and complete your assignment.  I check in several times a day to answer any questions, critique assignments, and assist participants who are encountering challenges.  One of the biggest perks of this format is the “group learning” that takes place when students have online conversations with each other throughout the duration of the course.

Please sign up for my mailing list to learn about the next time this course will run.



You can find many of my tutorials and articles in the “for photographers” category of my blog.  Additionally, several of my tutorials and articles have been shared on various photography blogs.  Here are a few:

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One-on-one mentoring is available via Skype.  Please contact me directly for rates and availability.



I am often involved in planning and coordinating local photography events and seminars (taught by myself as well as others).  If you would like to get on my mailing list to learn about upcoming photography events, classes, or mentoring opportunities, please join my mailing list here.  I promise not to spam you!